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Had an interview today. Showed up early, made them laugh, told them my good employee traits of punctuality and computer adeptness. They said I can call back in a week if I don't hear from them. I hope I do!

It's not a huge, life-changing kind of job. Just workin' at a hardware store. But I like that. I do have my office job from January to April, and I love playing with paperwork, but it's still an office job. I'm not ready to settle down to a desk yet. I need to be on my feet, moving, and working my muscles at least a little bit. There are the commissions, but those are few and far between after Christmas.

I was honest that I wouldn't be able to work during tax season and that I was looking for a stable job to come back to during the off season. From 9 AM to sometime in the evening and 40-60 hour work weeks, nah, not available those three and a half months. I hope that doesn't discourage them too much, but I understand if it does. Maybe the "keep coming back" part will encourage them.

Fingers crossed!
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